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General Information

The MRI monitor TeslaM3 was specifically developed for the monitoring of vital functions during MRI examinations. The monitor and user interface have been developed in collaboration with clinical users and meet all the demands for a modern MRI patient monitor.

User-friendly sensors and accessories and the intuitive user interface make the TeslaM3 the perfect solution for your MRI needs. Even users who only occasionally work with the MRI patient monitor will quickly find their way around the user interface.

The modular system allows you to configure your MRI-compatible monitor to your specific requirements. Use the TeslaM3 standard configuration with wireless ECG, wireless SpO2 sensor and NIBP for hemodynamic monitoring during the MRI examination. Integrate the multigas module for end-to-end monitoring of MRI anesthesia, or the option for invasive blood pressure monitoring so that you can monitor your intensive care patients during MRI scans.

The TeslaM3 can be configured to your individual requirements and you can upgrade all components at any time to display the specific vital functions you need to see.

All components of the TeslaM3 are fully integrated. The integrated power supply unit allows the monitor to be connected to the power mains during the scan in the MRI suite.




The TeslaM3 allows for simultaneous monitoring of the following vital parameters:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Pulse oximetry (SpO2)
  • Non invasive blood pressure (NIBP)
  • Invasive blood pressure (IBP)
  • Temperature
  • Respiratory rate
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Anaesthetic gases (DES, ENF, HAL, ISO, N2O, SEV)

Options and Modules

–    TeslaM3 basic setting
•   SpO2, ECG and NIBP for cardiological monitoring
•     Multigas Module
–    02, CO2, N20 Anaesthetic gas Auto detection, respiratory rate
•    Up to two IBP channels for monitoring your intensive care patients
•    Add up to two temperature channels to measure the temperature                                                on the surface or intracorporeally
•    Remote monitor for operation in the control room
•    Gating Interface

Technical specifications

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